About Us

Eventrip evolved into an international travel agent with a myriad range of global tour packages. Taking a step ahead, the company grew from a traditional travel agent into an enterprise comprising of companies in diverse industries and background, thus deriving its competitive edge and establishing it as an acclaimed brand. Eventrip have scored a number of accolades in its pursue for high service qualities and competitiveness. Since its introduction, the company has developed plans for shares in the worldwide market. The company endeavor to provide the best tour packages to the market to achieve its vision of the “Best Itinerary, Best Price, Best Service, All at Super”. Specialising in innovation, the company is often a market leader in opening new tour markets and is among the first in establishing many new creatively designed travel packages. Thus, the company often spent years developing new talents with its customized training programs. Ranging from product knowledge, service quality to aptitude; professional mannerisms to problem solving, A doctrine of customer-first, strict discipline, professional knowledge and caring services ensure that the employees maintain excellent service level. The continuous discovery of new global market trends, combined with market analysis, allows the company to enhance “minimum spending, maximum enjoyment” value in the travel packages, therefore creating opportunities for people to travel more.

For Eventrip it is the driving force that inspires continuous innovation and the commitment to uphold the company’s vision. Eventrip aspires to be the ultimate companion for travelers to visit the corners of the world.


Specially prepared itineraries

Assist your team with the most appropriate itinerary in terms of suggested duration of stay / selection of restaurants / must see sightseeing options & effectively weave in the ‘experience’ & the ‘wow’ factor to get maximum mileage on the motivation of the participants as also the team spirit & bonding between the guests.

Company micro site on the website

The facility of a micro site on our website, updating all participants on the flow of events / passport & documentation requirements / general information on the location / the confirmed itinerary & also the status of their passports.

A further bonding is then created by posting their pictures on the same site which helps in carrying forward their experiences on the tour.

We will send regular mailers to build up the momentum of the contest to achieve maximum participation.

Collection, delivery & distribution of passports will be coordinated in our office leaving your office completely hands free.

Special handling

All groups will have Eventrip escort per departure location to facilitate not only the smooth functioning of the tour, but also to handle any emergencies which may occur during the tour.


Handling charges

All services will be invoiced on the specially negotiated net rates, with a handling fee on the gross rates of the program.

No Hidden Costs, No High season surcharges & No surprises. JUST sheer delight.